PhD candidate – Man Cheung Alex Li

Hello, thanks for visiting our blog. For those who are curious about me and my study, let me introduce myself here.

As mentioned by Dr. Nicholas Rattenbury in his latest post, I am one of his PhD candidates, along with Ashna Sharan. My research is focused on eclipsing binaries that I’ll be looking at to searching for any signals of extrasolar planets from MOA (Microlensing Observations in Astrophysics) dataset. It isn’t an easy project, full of challenge and uncertainty, but, at least as I find it to date, playful and joyful as well.

As a person who grew up in Hong Kong, the most light-polluted and money-oriented city in the world, I feel exquisitely fortunate to have been on the southern hemisphere, here and there, to study astronomy. Yup, indeed I graduated from Monash University in Australia with BSc(Hons), first class. During the honours year, I picked up a project on X-ray study of supernova remnant SNR W28. Now, thanks to Dr. Nicholas Rattenbury, I am being at the University of Auckland as an optical astronomer. “Low” energy, yet exciting.

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